What is the padded fabric?

The French word means quilted "quilts", "padding" or "buffer", and the use of material, labor concerns Quilted textile products. It is intended to imitate the style of type hand-sewn quilts made in Provence Marseille, France. Upholstery fabric can be sewn by hand to create the decorative elements of the fabric, or woven in a Jacquard loom for the appearance of padding. Padded fabric is a heavy, thick fabric, which seems to be filled, but in reality it has the stuffing inside the tissue.

Quilted fabric is commonly made of 100% cotton, but can be found in cotton / polyester chenille well. Designs range from simple, graphic design square, more elegant or floral motifs. Upholstery fabric can be very elegant, but it is also appreciated for its comfortable design, casual, which seems to improve with each washing. The fabric is a favorite for decorating shabby chic French provincial and almost every room of the house. upholstery fabric used in upholstery slip covers and cushions, and the beds, blankets, duvet covers and pillowcases. Also used in crib bedding sets and children's beds. In the 1960, Oscar de la Renta suits and dresses designed upholstery fabrics. Handbags are also designed using the unique quilted fabric. Quilted fabric is usually woven in bright colors, with the only relief from the pattern for your decor, but some manufacturers to create beautiful designs in vibrant colors to complement the existing pad. The National Geographic quilt shop sells the Kashmir Paisley quilted fabric in a rich design with vibrant colors. The catalog company Lands End imports matelasse bedding woven by master weavers in Portugal.

blankets and bedding are often made with a scalloped edge, but are also available in a simple hemmed edge. Heirloom antiques and rugs made in fabric upholstery can be found in antique stores and online through private collectors. Sewing enthusiasts can make your own quilted fabric with a basic knowledge of quilting, as it can be as simple or intricate design and the seamstress is willing to do so. Because there is a range in quality padded fabric, the cost ranges from very affordable to very expensive, depending on materials used and in which matter.