An idea to dress the Nordic

The appearance of the Norse as a shelter for bedding has been a real boom in recent years in this country. This resource reviled by the staunchest defenders of traditional bedding, is in addition to comfortable and practical. However, the price range of fillings makes quilts are perfectly suited to all economies.

To dress the bed, an essential element of every quilt is the case. Currently, manufacturers offer a wide variety of designs, sizes and colorful covers for comforters, but there is always the possibility of making each his own.

Before getting down to work must measure the length and width of the quilt and add even 25 centimeters long and 5 inches wide. These measures can purchase a fabric of a design and color for the outside and use the same dimensions made with a fabric that will make the inside.

Once you have selected fabrics with the above measures is passed to the package:

Place on a flat surface made of fabric inside the right face-up. Above, trying to match, the fabric is placed outside will make the right face-down.

You take the hem on all edges, weave and sew.

Once you have caught all the hems are sewn seams all but one of the widths to be in the end by which it is introduced and removed the quilt itself.

Do not forget to leave without joining the two fabrics in the last 20 inches to better manage their own quilt.

If you have done well and have complied with the measures taken initially, for about 20 inches of fabric in the long run than are those who will be subject to the foot of the bed so that there is no displacement of the duvet and the bed itself once have made a better appearance.

For those who are true experts or handyman can enter any other embellishment such as bows or buttons. In addition, the latter also an alternative as close if you want to remove the remaining bottom of the case and leave the bottom hanging quilt without putting it at the foot of the bed.

So with this basic idea, each one can be encouraged to make their own designs to enhance the presence and comfort in the most important moment of the day, rest.