Types of Fabric Dresses

Many brides have no idea of the types of fabric market offers them for making a wedding dress, because after reading this article, you will learn more about them, however, the theory is also recommended that go to practice, that is, looking fabrics, touch, see models wearing each of them, so that your options are more enriching.

Then start with the description of the fabrics used for wedding dresses:

Brocade: made silk embroidery in relief. The relief may be of metal thread or silk. The weight of this type of fabric is medium to heavy. Figures that form are many and varied, usually floral effect.

Charmeau: soft silk satin fabric with a thick, hard fall. Is reversible, has glitter on one side with crepe on the other.

Chiffon: very soft texture and made of silk, cotton or velvet. Ideal for languid skirts or dresses in layers.

Crepe: a plain fabric can be silk, wool or polyester. It is a double-sided fabric, opaque and shiny (natural shine), very good fall.

Dupion silk, silk gloss and texture, known as "raw silk" is a fabric that looks quite elegant.

Lace: fabric woven with threads of cotton, linen, silk, silver or gold with a variety of reasons. The laces can be:

* Chantilly composed of floral.
* D'Alencon: lace thicker than whipped cream.
* Guipure: lace thick, thick. It is embroidered tulle, ribbons and applications with jewels, pearls or crystal.

Chiffon, silk delicate and transparent. It's Thin, loose, big drop, create enough movement. Used for drapes, ruffles and scarves.

Gazar: ideal for making long skirts with glue. They are soft and perfect drape.

Georgette: delicate and fine fabric, natural silk. It consists of varied embroidery designs.

Mikado: ideal for high volume dresses. It consists of natural silk thickened and slightly grainy.

Organza: web of fine silk threads, with a delicate texture and almost transparent. It is ideal for embroidering figures. Some have depth. This fabric is used for the waist and sleeves.

Satin organza, fabric of fine threads of silk thick, very thick.

Satin or satin: silk fabric once this is made with a glossy finish, now is usually based on achieving acetate satin glass as used in wedding dresses. This type of fabric has great body and shine. It is quite wrinkled and is the most popular among brides.

Silk fabric of Chinese origin, extracted from the cocoons of silkworms. There is artificial silk, natural and rustic wilderness. Which has a better body is raw silk.

Shantung, is very similar to wild silk knots of the plot. They sell different types of yarn and different qualities. You can find this material both as a litmus smooth, natural color, light cream or ivory. The reverse of this fabric is bright. Is of good quality that resists wrinkles.

Taffeta: fine cloth lightly armed. The best for these cases is called papillon taffeta. This type of fabric you find it dull and shiny finishes.

Taffeta, plain fabric, thin and very thick. Great for skirts in line "A".

Tul: Very fine silk fabric may also be of cotton or artificial fiber. Used mostly in the veils and billowing skirts.