Presentation of the fabric: Flannel

Soon the days will again be shorter and the nights cooler. Happy to have then a cotton flannel pajamas and bedding cozy beaver to feel really comfortable. To find out where to pay attention to the careful processing

Designating gender flannel twill woven cotton or wool. It gets rough on one side or both and that is why it is thicker and softer than a normal woven lightweight. The cotton bedding is called rough beaver. The name originated in the eighteenth century when Germany was used in fact beaver for warm bedding.
Cotton flannel bedding used as warm and as pajamas, but also for heavy cotton shirts. The fabrics of wool flannel can be also easily Fulling.

Clothing Warning:
Flannel fabric is considered a normal working hard and so well with a normal needle thickness (about 70 to 80) and wire tension and the tip length of 2 to 3 mm. An overcast stitch classic p. eg., with zig-zag is sufficient for both types of fabric (cotton and wool), and that does not fray easily.

Care Tips:
As is recommended for all types of cotton fabric should be washed before working with it at the recommended temperature, as the fabric shrinks. The colored or printed T-shirts should be washed with a mild detergent on a delicate wash program with a minimum centrifuge (ca. 800 v / min). The bedding can turn around before washing to prevent the formation of nodules. For this same reason, they should be put in the same wash jeans.

The 100% flannel wool is not machine washable. Light stains can be brushed after drying. Light odors disappear after a night outdoors. For all types of odors and stains are recommended to the cleaners.