Presentation of the fabric: Taffeta

Whether silk or polyester, taffeta gives both the evening gown as well as a noble apareciencia curtains. What kinds of taffeta are and what needs attention when drawing up and take care experts explain web:

The original name is due to a fabric in which the fine warp threads are closely linked and where it gets a little thicker weft. Then there is a structure that gives reps the fabric normal. Today it is often woven taffeta fabric-grid and retains its appearance and strength due to material and equipment. The taffeta has its most common use areas in an elegant dinner and dance craze, as well as decoration.

The main fabric taffeta and silk can be either (Silk Taffeta), as well as man-made fibers (eg., Nylon, polyester, viscose) and mixtures thereof. There are also, along with a single color taffeta, prints and embroideries. They are also running the taffeta with a modified surface structure, as, p. eg., with moiré or crash, so-called structure printed taffeta or rough. A woven jacquard pattern is rare.

Confeccions Warning:
Taffeta belongs, such as silk, fabrics "difficult", however can be mastered with the following tips:
Please always get a new needle-quality fine-tip (size 60 to 70), otherwise the threads will come out and this looks!

The stitch length can be set to normal (2 to 3.5). Who wants to be sure, you should test the correct configuration of your machine with a test piece.
A seam should always be separated with great care, since, otherwise, the needle holes would highlight strongly.

A heavily wrinkled taffeta simply have to sew a straight stitch on the inside along the lines of seam so that they can not twist the wrinkles.

Care Tips:
Taffeta should be treated according to their composition.
Chemical fibers such as polyester, and so on., Full tolerate machine washing at 30 ° C at speeds of up to 800 laps. If the fabric is embroidered or too thin, then we can put it in the washer in a laundry bag of the corresponding size.
Silk taffeta in a laundry wash or by hand with great care Stoffvorstellung: Seide).

Reverse board always low temperature (1 point) and moisten slightly better with steam-spray - because otherwise they can get water spots. Parts with no wrinkles should be ironed at all.