Tips for choosing the right fabric for decoration

With so many types of fabrics in the market is difficult to choose the class you want to decorate our spaces. Moreover, we choose the one that best suits to the needs of each space, the cleanliness and ability to maintain color.

So here I explain some of the most common kinds of fabric and their best uses.

  • Cotton patterns keeps a good shape, comes in various finishes and is great for curtains, furniture coverings and accessories like pillows and tablecloths.

  • Velvet is formal and come in various colors. Although this fabric feels luxurious and elegant, is very durable. A chair or sofa that is upholstered in velvet and cotton will last through generations if you have a good care of him.

  • The nylon and polyester fabrics can be woven to look like natural fibers. Also in true style are great for curtains. In fact, with current techniques, synthetic fibers may be made to look and feel like any other type such as leather from different animals.

  • The denim jeans or give a casual appearance and is durable enough to be used in the bedrooms of children and those used by the whole family. Although usually thought of as blue, denim can be dyed in various colors, including black and red.

  • Silk is fragile but has a special shine and is available in a variety of textures, from the velvety until smooth. It is best to be used in pillows and curtains.