How to choose a fabric by application

Although certain trends are due to arrive haphazardly mixing all kinds of textures, usually uses are as follows.


For household linen, such as dresses, skirts and casual tops, ideally cotton, polyester or combinations of both. Always use fresh fabrics that require little care.


Denim, cotton, polyester and cotton knits are the most common fabrics for sportswear.
The denim used to make jeans, skirts, vests, jumpers and jackets, to be used for informal meetings or picnics.

Cotton, polyester and fabrics that combine both fibers are ideal for this type of clothing.
Use cotton knit sportswear for making thicker, retaining body heat during exercise as shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.

- CLOTHING Semiformal

Use for office and for meetings of the day or evening. Do these clothes with fabrics with more body and better fall. If you make a suit, use fabrics made from wool and cashmere, tweed, corduroy, gabardine, cloth or terciopana.

To make blouses and dresses for day or evening, use cloth or wool thin silky texture, depending on the weather. Also choose fabrics such as linen, silk combined with synthetic fibers, cotton satin, crepe, pique fabrics and attractive appearance.


For cocktail dresses and evening, choose fabrics of chiffon, chiffon, organizes, crepe de chine, velvet, georgette, silk, satin, satin, lace, lame, taffeta, brocade and finely finished fibers and striking pattern.


Although the production of garments such as coats, jackets and coats is not recommended for beginners, remember that they are produced to very coarse cloth, made with wool, and cashmere, tweeds, cloth, gabardine, velvet, corduroy and fur.