What fabric to upholster my headboard I choose?

Many people, especially when living in small flats ignores the headboard, the reason that they fear their visual weight in a bedroom where hardly have space.

They are right, the headers have a large visual weight, but the difference when choosing one or the other can be very large, especially if we play with variables such as size and upholstery.

Marta has this problem. Is thinking of creating a upholstered headboard for your bedroom and is afraid that when I make the look even smaller. and here is our suggestion.

The headboards upholstered or covered with fabrics are always a good option and very decorative for our bedrooms, plus allow us to choose the fabric that best for us, for example in this case, in which we speak of a narrow room.

In this case it is best to choose one color and bright that, like get on the walls give the room visual range and also reflect light.

If you like the prints it is best to opt for small reasons and always tending to light colors are less bright and therefore will not fill the room.

The model you see above is an example of a headboard Reodute base with the bottom of an upholstered headboard with fabric, you see the big reasons are entirely different effect.