How to calculate how much fabric is needed for curtains

We love the curtains along the ground, which are the best romantic sumptuous, here we a small tips you have in mind when making them.

At the time of calculating the amount that we will need fabric for a curtain first thing we do is measure the rod or track and measure its height from the ground up, to that measure we will add 30 inches to make the hem and the head of the curtains.

To make the curtain properly, you multiply the measure by 2 or 2.5 depending on the brows you want to give the fabric, then divide the result by the width of the fabric that you purchased for the blind and multiply by the height you want give the curtain. To achieve the effect curtains "posada" or carried, in addition to the above measure the inches you want to rest on the floor, 10, 20, 30 centimeters. Keep in mind that the curtains along the ground are adequate and dress very well in homes with ceilings on.