How to Sew With Wool Fabric

wool fabric is one of the easiest sewing fabrics. Holds its shape well, and the edges are clean cut without unraveling. Seams can be sewn on the back of your project or on the front for a more decorative function. It 's more cumbersome for most tissues, which means that you must keep in mind when contemplating using a flat seam. Recycle old is suitable in warm blankets and comfortable, with simple lines of stitching and a tufting easy.

  • 1. Take apart the seams on the adapter using the seam ripper. Place all pieces on the gas and iron.
  • 2. Draw a model that is 6 square inches on light cardboard. This will give you a finished block size 5 1 / 2 inches.
  • 3. Cut a total of 80 squares of wool with 6-inch cardboard template. Draw around the template using the tailor chalk. There is no need to divide the amount evenly among all seeds.
  • 4. Place squares of wool in a pleasing arrangement on the floor. Arrange the eight blocks from 10 blocks in all down.
  • 5. Each of the squares sewn together into a row of eight. Use a 1/4-inch seam allowance in line with all the seams on the back of the quilt. Repeat for each of the nine remaining lines. Press the seams open.
  • 6. Place the top row of eight face-down on the front of the second row. Match the seams corner of every block and pin on a long side of the line. Sew along the edge pinned together using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Repeat for each of the remaining lines. Press the seams open.
  • 7. Lay the fabric of wool flannel right on your countertop. Put the blanket roll face down on the flannel. Pin the two layers together. Sew around the pool with a shot 1/4-inch seam allowance. Send an 8-inch opening for turning.
  • 8. Clip the corners of the shot and turn right side out. Hand-sew the opening closed.
  • 9. Pin the corners of each block with the front and rear of the jet thickness. Thread a length of yarn tapestry needle, up from front to back on again, leaving a tail on both ends of the wire. Tie the yarn into a knot and trim the ends to 1 1 / 2 inches long. Repeat for the remaining tufting pinned corners.

What you need:

About wool flannel suits four men 1 3 / 4 yards of wool measuring tape ruler pencil scissors cardboard slightly in August Tapestry Yarn needles hand sewing machine Iron chalk tailor sewing needle and thread Seam ripper