How to Sew Faux Fur Fabric

Sewing allows us to be our fashion designers. When we sew a faux fur shrug or bag from a pattern and fabric show, we really have a unique head. Many people are intimidated by sewing with faux fur fabrics. Fur can be challenging, because it has more dimension and often pleated fabric is thicker. Moreover, the fur could become caught in the seams, but with practice and patience, even a beginning sewer can create beautiful clothes with faux fur.

1. Select a simple model with limited seams, darts or pleats, especially if you have limited experience working with faux fur.

2. Determine the nap of the hair or head hair fixed. Most fake fur has defined a nap. Lay and sew all the pieces of the model in the same direction.

3. Cut only one layer of hair at a time. Be careful to cut only the support, not the hair. Use the tip of sharp scissors, taking small snips. Once the support is cut, gently pull apart the fur.

4. Pin pattern pieces together at right angles to the seam with long pins. Pin frequently. How brooch, fur push back into the seam with the tip of a pin to as little as possible is fur peeps along the seam. Use a damp sponge to brush hair away from the line of sewing when pinning.

5. sewing the pieces together according to the instructions of the model with a straight stitch or zig-zag. faux fur fabric can be expensive --- before starting your project make a test point on a piece of fur. After sewing a seam, take a brush or a needle and gently go along the seam to free every hair that was caught in the seams.

Tips & Warnings

Cleaning the machine when finished. faux fur makes it smoother to other tissues.