How to Measure Fabric for Upholstery

The estimate of the amount of tissue necessary for furniture can be difficult. Take your measurements before you remove the historic fabric. If you rely on the size of the frame, it comes soon. This article is based on a chair as a sample project re-upholstery.

- Draw up a draft of your chair to look at all measures.

- Use a meter to calculate the length and width of the arms of the chair. Use the widest point of your arm as far wide.

- Measure around the back of the chair frame for its outer edge. Measure the rear frame down to the length.

- For internal dimensions back, spread your tape measure from one side of the chair to another to get wide. For length, measure from the top of the chair where the back meets the seat.

- Calculate the measures of the seat of the chair, noting the width and length of the cushion that rests on the seat.

- If the chair has a Gussetti (see photo below), measure the length and width of this area as well. In Queen Anne style chairs that are popular for reupholstery, the Gussetti can replace a skirt chair.

Calculate fabric yards

  • Multiply the height measurements of each section of the party chair is long.
  • Divide this figure by 36 to convert your measurements from inches to meters.
  • Round up all measurements to the nearest half a meter on the purchase of fabric. This means that if you need 4 meters and 11 centimeters of tissue, you must buy 4 1 / 2 yards. Rounding surrenders to accommodate extra fabric sewn or an error in measurement.