Quilt Market Spring 2010 Series, Michael Miller Fabrics

As usual, Michael Miller had a lot of fun with their booth this year. Kathy Miller had attended school before the event began and she mentioned this theme show. On his many shuttle flights throughout the country, has found inspiration in the white movement. If you look at any magazine of home furnishings, a TV show or blog, you'll see the prevalence of white, ivory, cream, etc. Crisp clean look that infuse simplicity and calm seems to be everywhere. Here is the entrance to the booth of Michael Miller.

They chose to present their new antiquities collection, a return to historical romance and style.
During an exhibition celebrating the textile color at every step, I thought that was brave enough to create a cabin in varying shades of white, with subtle hints of turquoise.
But, true to his signature eccentric and colorful perennial themes, have a lot of new colored prints from as well. Here are some previews!

Stay tuned for more scenes from the market! For our readers here in the U.S., I hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend.

Michael Miller Fabrics